On January 23, the Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation, and Conservation District voted to prohibit new and existing billboards within its jurisdiction, including rebuilding the one that fell into Humboldt Bay in November. 
The District's new policy reinforces its 1975 ordinance, which only allows signs for limited purposes such as navigation and public safety - not commercial advertising. The District's jurisdiction covers Humboldt Bay and wetlands up to the mean high tide line, yet billboards in these tidal wetlands have been maintained without permits for years, despite permit requirements for all repair and maintenance. And each year, CalTrans's Outdoor Advertising Agency (ODA) inexplicably renews its billboard permits, despite the ODA's prohibition on billboards in floodplains. 
This new policy means that the billboard that fell into Humboldt Bay on Nov. 27 - which is still sitting there today - will not be rebuilt. It is one of four remaining billboards along the bay between Arcata and Eureka, all of which will soon be bought out by Humboldt County with funding from CalTrans to satisfy Coastal Commission requirements for the Highway 101 Safety Corridor Project.
In 2013, the Coastal Commission directed CalTrans to build the Humboldt Bay Trail and remove all billboards to restore scenic beauty and public access to this stretch of Humboldt Bay. 
Humboldt Baykeeper has worked for years to rid wetlands and scenic areas around Humboldt Bay of billboards. Since 2012, eighteen billboards have been removed - many from public lands managed by the Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge and the North Coast Rail Authority. We originally launched our campaign to rid the Highway 101 Safety Corridor of billboards to protect public trust resources, which must be managed for public uses, such as public access and public enjoyment - not for private commercial purposes. 
Thanks to each and every one of you who have helped us rid the bay of billboards - and to those who did their part over the years before Humboldt Baykeeper existed!