Humboldt Baykeeper is about to begin a California EPA-funded study of mercury in certain Humboldt fishes. Fred Evenson of the Ecological Rights Foundation and Econews host / director of Humboldt Baykeeper Jen Kalt discussed mercury in fish in Monterey Bay's Elkhorn Slough, where a fish advisory was recently issued to protect human health.

"Methylmercury can damage the brain and nervous system, especially in developing children and fetuses.  PCBs can affect the nervous system, and can cause cancer and other health effects," reads the advisory.


"Humans ... and other animals at the top of the food chain are at primary risk" for toxic mercury exposure, says Evenson. 


Evenson co-founded Humboldt Baykeeper with Pete Nichols. Ecological Rights Foundation, formed in the 1990s by activists (including Evenson) in Humboldt to "protect humans from toxic exposure, stopping industrial and municipal water pollution, particularly to coastal environments, and protecting endangered species," he tells Kalt. 


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