Recent attempts to resolve local communities’ concerns of drinking water contamination by Mercer-Fraser Company’s proposed cannabis manufacturing facility in Glendale have been unsuccessful, according to a local official, with a local water supplier planning to continue with its appeal of the project.

The Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District — which provides water for about 88,000 residents in Eureka, Arcata, Blue Lake, and the McKinleyville, Manila, Fieldbrook-Glendale and Humboldt community services districts — is appealing the county Planning Commission’s January approval of the Mercer-Fraser Project because of its proximity to one of its drinking water pumps on the Mad River.

The district’s General Manager John Friedenbach said Friday that he thought they had reached a resolution with Mercer-Fraser after a March meeting, but said that resolution was not in place as of Friday.

As to what happened between then, Friedenbach declined to comment and deferred that topic to Mercer-Fraser Company.

Humboldt Baykeeper Director Jennifer Kalt opposes Mercer-Fraser’s project and disagrees with the way the resolution talks have been handled.

“Apparently, there has been a lot of negotiations behind the scenes, but the public really deserves to know what is going to be the fate of our drinking water supply,” she said.

Friedenbach said he’d like the board of supervisors to take up the Mercer-Fraser project before the June primary election, in which Sundberg and 4th District Supervisor Virginia Bass are up for re-election.

Asked to elaborate why, Friendbach said, “We just would.”

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