After months of negotiations regarding concerns over the potential for drinking water contamination, Mercer-Fraser Company will withdraw its permit application to build a cannabis concentrate manufacturing facility in Glendale.

The April 17 letter from Mercer-Fraser’s attorney Adam Guernsey of the Harrison, Temblador, Hungerford & Johnson law firm states that the company is withdrawing the permit “at this time” because the water district’s actions have “rendered a fair hearing impossible at this time.”

Humboldt Baykeeper Director Jennifer Kalt, who has opposed the project, questioned whether the project will be withdrawn for good.

“Without further information, I don’t see how this is any guarantee we won’t see this project again in the future,” Kalt said. “Bad projects have a way of coming back to life after you think they’re resolved.”

Friedenbach said a withdrawn permit can always be brought back, and if it does in this case the district will likely oppose it again.

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