Humboldt's proposed offshore wind project would significantly reduce carbon emissions throughout California. But to ensure the success of offshore wind and to meet the promise of climate action, decision-makers must commit to a green port facility capable of building and servicing the turbines while not further contributing to greenhouse gas emissions or polluting Humboldt Bay.
Image: Preliminary conceptual map of the offshore wind heavy lift terminal (overall bay view) by Julian Berg Designs for the Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation, and Conservation District.
Responsible offshore wind development starts with the design of a fossil fuel-free port. That is why any lease agreement between the Harbor District and port developers should be ambitious in its goals to reach zero-emission by 2035. Incorporating these requirements into the lease agreement would be a testament to genuine commitment towards good port practice and the general public.
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Luis Neuner, Decarbonize the North Coast Advocate
Environmental Protection Information Center

Jennifer Kalt, Executive Director
Humboldt Baykeeper

Caroline Griffith, Executive Director
Northcoast Environmental Center

Colin Fiske, Executive Director
Coalition for Responsible Transportation Priorities