Two of our local beaches are Beach Bummers again this year: Clam Beach (#4) and Luffenholtz Beach (#6). Both are impacted by storm drains, which discharge polluted runoff into streams and coastal waters. Mad River Beach North received an A+ grade, suggesting that proximity to septic systems may be a major factor in the overall health of our coastal waters. 

There were seven reported sewage spills in Humboldt County totaling over 100,000 gallons of sewage. Sewage spills impact Humboldt Bay’s oyster industry, as well as recreational swimmers and boaters who are enjoying the bay in greater numbers than ever.

Stay tuned for the long-awaited results of our study of the sources of bacteria pollution at Little River and Janes Creek, which we hope will be available later this summer. 

You can download the 2017-18 Beach Report Card, which is compiled annually by Heal the Bay from Humboldt County's Ocean Monitoring Program.