In 2016, Humboldt Baykeeper teamed up with the Regional Water Board, Humboldt County Public Health Lab, and Coast Seafoods Company to identify the sources of bacteria pollution in local waterways. Our study focused on Little River, which drains to Moonstone Beach, and Janes Creek, which drains to North Humboldt Bay near commercial oyster farms.

The Regional Water Board sampled dozens of waterways in Humboldt, Del Norte, and Mendocino Counties, and funded the County Health Lab to develop a type of genetic analysis called Mulitple Source Tracking ("MST") that can identify fecal bacteria from humans, cattle, dogs, birds, and other warm-blooded animals. The Humboldt and Sonoma County Health Labs are working together to become the first Public Health Labs to conduct this type of analysis. Results of the analysis are pending. Stay tuned for the findings, which we hope will guide potential solutions to improve water quality at our local beaches and in Humboldt Bay.


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