Since 2005, our Water Quality Program has documented conditions of local streams and sloughs to identify problem areas for future monitoring and to pinpoint pollution sources so we can work to reduce or eliminate them. Thanks to the dozens of dedicated volunteers and partners who help make our program successful!    

Using Humboldt Baykeeper’s 2005-2009 Citizen Water Monitoring data, the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board staff recently recommended six waterways for listing under Section 303(d) of the Clean Water Act due to bacterial pollution (E. coli).

Photo: Children play in Little River at Moonstone Beach, one of the waterways recommended for listing. March 22, 2014.

On February 13, Humboldt Baykeeper staff and 20 trained Citizen Scientist volunteers monitored water quality after a storm at 29 sites in the Humboldt Bay area. This monitoring event was held to compare mid-winter water quality with previous results from “First Flush” monitoring (just after the first major rainstorm of the year), when pollutants that have built up over the dry season are suddenly flushed into waterways).

Since 2005, Humboldt Baykeeper’s Citizen Water Monitoring Program has sampled streams from Elk River to Little River. This year, we focused on Jolly Giant Creek in Arcata to try to pinpoint sources of fecal coliform. Jolly Giant Creek has shown consistently high fecal coliform levels in our past monitoring events, and is thought to be a major contributor to fecal coliform levels in Humboldt Bay.


Thanks to Todd Kraemer of Pacific Watershed Associates; Kerry McNamee, Anthony Baker and Racquel Selcer of Humboldt State University; funding from the Cereus Fund and Humboldt Area Foundation; and all of our past and present Citizen Water Monitors—too many to list here!

Thanks to our partners who help make our Citizen Water Monitoring Program a success!

City of Arcata’s Environmental Services Department

City of Eureka’s Stormwater Division

Coast Seafoods Company

Humboldt County Department of Environmental Health's Ocean Monitoring Program

Humboldt County Department of Public Works

North Coast Laboratories

North Coast Stormwater Coalition

North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board

Pacific Watershed Associates

Salmon Forever

State Water Resources Board’s Clean Water Team

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