Call Humboldt Baykeeper at (707) 499-3678 to report a spill after business hours, or if you prefer to remain anonymous. Please take photos if possible. 


For spills in Humboldt Bay:


  • Cailfornia Office of Emergency Services (800) 852-7550


For spills in or near storm drains (which drain to creeks and Humboldt Bay):


  • Eureka Public Works                    (707) 441-4203
  • Arcata Environmental Services    (707) 822-8184
  • Humboldt County Public Works   (707) 445-7491

Storm drains are separate from sewer systems, so storm water from streets and other paved areas flows into our coastal waterways UNTREATED. Humboldt Baykeeper is working hard to protect our environment but we can't do it alone. We need your help! 

Polluted runoff from streets, parking lots, and yards—also called "stormwater pollution"—is channeled into the storm drain system that empties directly into our creeks and sloughs, which flow to Humboldt Bay and the ocean.

For more information check out the North Coast Stormwater Coalition.