Humboldt Baykeeper wrote a letter of support for Humboldt County's Coastal Development Permit for the Humboldt Bay Trail South, the final 4.25-miles section of California Coastal Trail along the bay from Eureka Slough to Bracut. Once built, a continuous trail will stretch from Clam Beach in McKinleyville to Elk River in south Eureka. Permitting for the last remaining section was particularly complex, in part because it involves a section of levee around the former California Redwood Company mill site. Dioxins were found in soils along the levee, but thanks to the diligence of the Coastal Commission and the flexibility of the County Public Works Department, the project was adjusted to ensure that contaminated soil will be removed and adjacent aquatic habitats will be protected. The Coastal Commission approved the permit on April 7, 2022 and the trail will hopefully be completed in 2023.