Next Phase: Truesdale to Del Norte Street

On June 5, the Eureka City Council voted 4 -1 to reallocate funding from a now-defunct road project (Waterfront Drive Extension) to be used instead for a bicycling and hiking trail from Del Norte Street to Truesdale Street. This proposed trail would complete the next major segment of the Eureka Waterfront Trail, and would connect to the northern end of the Hiksari Trail (from Truesdale Street to the Herrick Ave. Park and Ride). It will provide safe public access to the Bay for hiking and cycling, bird-watching, (on-leash) dog-walking, and taking in scenic vistas along beautiful sandy beaches and salt marshes.

Once completed, the Eureka Waterfront Trail will become part of the California Coastal Trail system, which will provide non-motorized public access to California’s entire coastline.

Thank you for contacting your representatives, attending meetings and for your continued support.  Stay tuned for more information as the project moves forward.