Efforts to reduce plastic trash in the environment need your support!

State Senator Alex Padilla proposes statewide legislation prohibiting the distribution of single-use carry-out bags. While the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors, The CA Grocers Association, Humboldt Baykeeper, Surfrider and many more actively support this bill, the plastic industry is working hard to confuse the public and decision makers about single-use plastic bags. On May 23, SB 405 (Padilla) was given the green light by the Senate Appropriations Committee, which decides which bills to approve for consideration by the full Senate. If you have not already done so, now is the time to sign the petetion in support of a statewide single-use, carry-out bag ban.

Click HERE to sign the petition.


Carry-out bags are most frequently single-use plastic bags which are environmentally damaging and an easily preventable source of litter and pollution. Plastic bags are litter-prone and pose a serious threat to the riparian and marine environment and wildlife. Plastic bags do not biodegrade but rather break into tiny particles that adsorb toxins and contaminate our food chain and water and soil quality. For more on this topic and an interesting NPR debate on plastic-bag bans check out this link.