This was going to be an article about how our coasts and oceans are now more than ever, under threat due to our nations political leadership. But I think we already know that.


Instead, this is an article reminding us how much love there is for our coasts and oceans. This is a compilation of quotes and pictures from leaders in our community, stating why they work tirelessly everyday, to make sure our coasts and oceans are kept beautiful, protected, and open for all to enjoy. I hope this montage provides some inspiration and motivation, and reminds us how lucky we are to live on the North Coast, and how important it is to keep working together. 


“Half of the people in the world live within 50 miles of the coast, and far more than half here in Humboldt. I have lived most of my life within a few miles of the coast. People are drawn to coastal areas for a reason; they are beautiful and awe-inspiring, so full of life - and they are the best wild food sources on the planet, if we take care of them. We certainly need to do better, but there is a reason that anything that would harm the coast is the “third rail” of California politics. In the 1980s, it was offshore oil drilling; in 2003, it was a Liquified Natural Gas import facility. In 2015, it was gold ore processing. Whatever the future brings, we will protect our coast from further degradation.” - Jennifer Kalt, Director, Humboldt Baykeeper


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