Next Thursday, the Humboldt County Planning Commission is scheduled to consider a Special Permit to rebuild a billboard on wetlands adjacent to the Elk River near King Salmon.

The billboard uprights snapped in a windstorm on Nov. 27, and although billboards are not allowed in wetlands or floodplains - and the County does not allow billboards anywhere but lands zoned for commercial or industrial uses - the County staff is reportedly developing recommendations based on the "casualty" exemption for non-conforming uses (meaning that the billboards were built before zoning and permitting).

The County's staff report was posted early Friday with the rest of the Planning Commission agenda. Staff is recommending an exemption from environmental review under CEQA. 

If visual blight from commercial billboards in scenic coastal areas is a concern to you, please save the date and stayed tuned for more info as we get it. 

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