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  • No project without the Bay Trail! Turning the 101 Corridor adjacent to Humboldt Bay into a high-speed freeway without safe access for bicyclists is unacceptable. 
  • The section of trail from Arcata to Eureka is the region's highest priority for completing the California Coastal Trail. This part of 101 is also designated as the Pacific Coast Bike Route. Broad improvements must provide safe access for bike commuters and touring cyclists alike, and ensure that bicyclists from Bayside and Indianola can access bike facilities.
  • Plan for Sea Level Rise: The highway, trail, and rail should all be planned together while taking into account projected sea level rise. The railroad berm is eroding, putting Highway 101 at risk of flooding during extreme high tides and major storms. The highway, trail, and rail and inland areas all rely on the railroad berm as the only protection from rising sea level, which will worsen the risks of flooding and erosion. Millions of dollars of public funding should not be spent until Caltrans completes its sea level rise study for this section of highway – a study that will be done in 2014.
  • Better Alternatives: Caltrans has failed to consider the many reasonable alternatives put forth by local agencies and the public. Caltrans has also failed to consider improvements that keep traffic from increasing on Highway 255 and Old Arcata Road.

The project as currently designed includes:

    •    An overpass at Indianola Cutoff;
    •    A left turn signal at Jacobs Avenue;
    •    Closure of all other medians between Eureka and Arcata;
    •    Increase in speed limit, without any improvements for bicycling safety.


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The Coastal Commission will meet in Eureka Sept. 10-12 to vote on Caltrans' proposal for the Eureka-Arcata 101 Corridor.
To download the Coastal Commission staff report, click HERE.

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