Where: Wharfinger Building, 1 Marina Way, Eureka, CA
When: Thursday, Sept. 12.

Time:  Depends on agenda.  Follow us on Twitter @BaykeeperJess or @HumboldtBaykeeper for updates on start time, or send us your contact info and we’ll send you an alert when we have an idea when the hearing will begin. 
On Sept. 12, the Coastal Commission will meet in Eureka to vote on the 101 Corridor project. Please join us in taking this opportunity to tell the Commissioners:

  • Caltrans rejected two alternatives that would use less wetland fill, and dismissed alternatives suggested by independent traffic consultants.
  • Caltrans must adequately analyze these alternatives and give the public enough time to review the information before any decisions are made. They’ve had years to respond to the public’s and the Coastal Commission’s concerns - yet one week before the hearing, they still have not presented any plans to address them.
  • The Coastal Trail must be a part of the Safety Corridor Project:

                    ~ Caltrans needs to commit both financially and in writing to the trail.
                    ~ The trail should be along the bay, separate from the highway.
                    ~ A bike lane with a guardrail on the highway is not acceptable.

  • The proposed interchange and crossings will result in a faster speed limit which will make the road less safe for everyone, especially bicyclists.
  • Scenic mitigation should include removal of all billboards on 101 along Humboldt Bay.
  • Caltrans should mitigate for wetland losses and growth-inducing effects.

Baykeeper believes that Caltrans failed to adequately analyze alternatives to the Mt. Indianola interchange.  You can find an independent traffic analysis at our website HERE, and our recent My Word in the Times Standard HERE.
To download the Coastal Commission staff report, click HERE.
There is typically a 2-3 minute time limit on comments, and you will need to sign a speaker card at the hearing.  
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